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2006 - 2010 KCPE & KCSE Results Search page

Welcome to the Gskool Results Search page.
Note that the results database is maintained by the Kenya National Examinations Council and the Ministry of education, therefore the results will be displayed in the formats provided by the two bodies.

You can Also view Universities' Cut-Off points in our universities Pages.

Search the K.N.E.C official website
Note that the KNEC site is quite congested and slow and it might take some time before the results show.
To use the system again after viewing the results, click Back on your browser.



Enter Your Full Index Number:

Once you are done viewing your results, click back (<) on your browser to revert back to www.gskool.com.

Calculate University Entry Cluster Points Here

This System has been Tested and is now working Right. 28-February-2011

View top 100 Students Here(KCPE 2010), Nationwide and for each Province.

View top 100 Students Here(KCSE 2009), Nationwide and for each Province.

Search the Ministry of Education's Website
NOTE: The Ministry's website doesn't seem to work at all. This is not necessary.
Type the student's index number, then hit Search.

Index Number:

Type the name of school or its K.N.E.C. code, then hit Search school

Type School Name or School KNEC Code

If this system does not work, please visit the official websites using these links:
Ministry of education
Kenya National Examinations Council
Incase of any other Queries, please talk to us HERE

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